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May 4, 2008:
BlessingCasters can now register.
Our archives are now open for both the main and the Teaching Kids topics. Just click on the link at the topic of the current month's article to see our past features.

April 10, 2008:
Launch of!

March, 2008:
Design of
Web hosting service found. Original materials created.
Prayer support sought far and wide.

January 2, 2008:
The BlessingCasters formed.

Welcome to!

Blessing Stone in Water

Blessing Casters is a new service organization, a ministry of persons of all faiths dedicated to the well being of everyone on the planet. If that sounds like a tall order and rather lofty ambitions to you, well, you're right! We dream big. And we work to make those dreams happen. We are not selling anything. You will not be asked to send us money. (Though we will gladly accept and use it wisely if you do.) The idea here is very simple.

  1. We all have the capacity to bless people by thoughts, words and actions.
  2. We use it.

What could be simpler than that?

Of course, the idea is simple, but the practice is not. It is not easy to think about blessing those around you throughout the day. Sometimes, those around you are not kindly disposed to you. Sometimes, you're in a bad mood, or you have a headache. Sometimes, you just don't want to be bothered. (This is the voice of experience talking.) So, we all take it one step at a time. One blessing at a time. And if one more person is blessed today than yesterday, we're on the right track.

Please take the time to read more and explore our site, even if the idea sounds crazy to you. It's all right if it does. It seemed crazy to us at first. But, blessing casting has already changed our lives. So, we'll keep on going with it. And we hope you do, too.

Bless you today

Whatever you need, whatever will bring joy to your heart, may you receive it today.